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Drupal training, tutoring & consulting

I provide custom Drupal training, tutoring, mentoring, and consulting for Stanford end users, site builders, and departments. I will happily build your website for you and/or help you build it for yourself. I also can help with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) sites in the School of Medicine.

Do-it-yourself Drupal

I specialize in "training by doing": learn Drupal by working on your own website projects and issues, not textbook exercises. This is both time- and cost-efficient. Training time doubles as project time, but with an expert guide by your side, and is not spent (re)learning topics you already know or don't need to know. The less time you spend trying to figure out how to do your project, the more time you can spend actually doing it.

End user training

Training end users, such as content contributors, editors, and user managers, can take as little as an hour or two. For end users, training may cover content creation and editing, user management, site administration, or other ongoing tasks. Training is done using your own site and so covers how tasks are done for that particular site, not a generic Drupal site that may look and function quite differently.

Site builder training

For site builders, individualized training can speed up the development cycle by weeks or months. Learning to build a site from scratch, with no prior Drupal knowledge, can take as little as 20-60 hours of custom training. Answering just a few questions may take an hour or two —or less.

Site builder training can cover not only installation within the Stanford environment and the creation of custom content types, pages, lists, navigation, controls, and other features, but information architecture, usability, accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), and best practices pertinent to your specific project.

Site maintainer training

Once you have a website, both its content and (unless on underlying code need to be maintained. Site maintainer training may cover backups, restoration from backups, and code updates to keep the site secure and functioning, as well as content creation and editing, user management, site administration, and other ongoing end user tasks to keep the content fresh and accurate.

Custom training lets you get right to the methods that work for your Stanford hosting environment and Drupal site, without having to wade through the ones that don't apply to your situation.

Doing it for you

Don't have the time or inclination to do it yourself? I can do it for you!

Managing existing sites

In conjunction with an assistant, I also offer ongoing maintenance and site enhancement support. This can include software updates, trouble-shooting, adjusting or adding features or functionality, and other help with the site.

Building new sites

Whatever the size of your project, I can help you get it built, making efficient use of the resources and services available at Stanford.

How it works & hiring

Training & consulting sessions can be conducted in person at Stanford or remotely (via GoToMeeting web conferencing). I just need to see your screen and talk to you: in either case, you will be at the mouse, doing all the work, to maximize understanding and retention.

Consulting work & site development may be conducted from a location in your department or remotely.

I am a part-time employee of Stanford University and regularly work with Stanford departments and groups. Stanford faculty and staff may see Hiring details (SUNet login required) for more specifics, including rates.


Contact me! (SUNet login required)

Non-Stanford projects

Need help with a non-Stanford project? I can help with that, too! See Sharon Krossa Consulting.