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Hiring information for Sharon Krossa at Stanford

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Below is the standard hiring information for Sharon Krossa that should be passed on to supervisors and/or HR in order to hire her for consulting, training, or any other paid work for a Stanford department or group.

Note in particular the part about her FTE

Technical hiring information

Sharon Krossa is a current Stanford employee. She is in the Stanford HR/payroll system as a casual employee. Therefore, she cannot be paid as a contractor, but must be added and paid as an hourly casual employee. (However, if your project is large enough to need more than the total number of hours over 12 months permitted to a casual employee, hiring as part-time or full-time regular employee is also a possibility.)

To hire her, ask your HR person to add her to the system for your department with an appropriate PTA. (This will add a time card for your department to her Axess time card account.) They will know what else needs to be done and if there is any additional information you need to provide about the hire (PTA to use, etc.).

Sharons rate is $102 per hour and her employee information is:
Name: Sharon L. Krossa
Employee ID: 009791120
SUNet ID: skrossa
Phone: (650) 492-8092

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Note: When adding Sharon to the system for your department, please add her as 2.5% FTE (1 hour a week), with the exceptions noted below.

About $102 per hour

Remember when budgeting that there is an fringe benefit rate for casual/contingent employees, currently 7.9% for FY22 (i.e., paying Sharon $102/hour costs the department $110.06/hour in FY22).

Although this hourly rate is higher than usually encountered for casual employees, Sharon has highly specialized skills and this is her going rate at Stanford. (She gives Stanford a big discount; her normal, non-Stanford rate is currently $164/hour.)

Even so, this rate is lower than Stanford IT Services hourly rates for equivalent services:

Since June 2009, a similar rate has been approved for Sharon by various Stanford departments and schools, including the following:

  • Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
  • Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM)
  • CISAC (2 different projects)
  • Human Resources Group (School of Medicine)
  • Wallenberg Research Link
  • Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
  • Stanford Shared FACS Facility (School of Medicine)
  • Language Center
  • Biology
  • PPO Faculty Development & Diversity
  • PPO Faculty Affairs
  • SEED
  • Audit, Compliance, & Privacy (formerly Internal Audit & Institutional Compliance)
  • McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society
  • Academic Computing
  • Radiology Department (School of Medicine)
  • Provosts Office
  • Student Affairs
  • History Department (School of Humanities & Sciences)
  • Psychology Department (School of Humanities & Sciences)
  • Physical Education, Recreation, and Wellness
  • Stanford Technology Ventures Program (School of Engineering)
  • Stanford Management Company
  • IT Services Technology Training

About FTE

Enter Sharons FTE as 2.5% (1 hour/week) or the actual number of hours she will be working for your department every week, whichever is greater. Please do not enter 25% FTE (10 hours/week) or 50% FTE (20 hours/week) unless she will actually be working that many hours for your department each week.

Please be careful about the FTE you choose, as it affects whether the HR system will let her take on new departments. E.g., if she has timecards for three departments and they each put her down as 50% FTE or 20 hours a week, the system thinks she is expected to work a total of 60 hours a week, which is against the law, so it gets very upset and wont let your department hire her at all. But if each department put her down as 5% FTE, then the system thinks she is expected to work a total of 6 hours a week, doesnt get upset, and lets your department hire her without a fuss. (5% FTE or 2 hours/week is fairly typical for training.)

In the end, the number of hours Sharon works per week on Stanford projects varies greatly, both for a specific project/department and overall, depending on what needs to be done. Some weeks her total hours are 0, other weeks they may be 20 or more. But she keeps an eye on all her running totals to stay within the Casual Employee rules and avoid overtime rates.
So in no case does she do paid Stanford work as a casual employee:

  • for more than 6 hours without at least a 30 minute break;
  • for more than 8 hours in any day;
  • for more than 40 hours in any week;
  • on more than 5 days in any week;
  • for more than 1000 hours over any 12 month period;
  • on Sundays or University holidays.


If anything isnt clear or you have further questions, please contact Sharon at or (650) 492-8092.