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I help you do (web) IT

Whether you need help with planning, building, maintaining, migrating, or rescuing, I can help you with your web project. I will teach you/your team to do it or do it for you—or any combination in between.

Information & Data Modeling

I have a particular passion for information & content driven websites, with an emphasis on structured data & enter once, display many times architecture whenever possible. I believe in information modeling before data modeling, and data modeling before site building. (I also believe in revising & documenting those models as a project develops!)

Custom Training/Consulting

I use a holistic training by doing approach: guiding clients as they work on their own projects rather than textbook exercises, so training time is also development/project time—a kind of "pair programming" for site development that enhances learning & retention.

Web Technologies: Drupal, AEM, and more

I  have been using Drupal since December 2007, and currently work mainly with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites (with an occasional foray into legacy Drupal 6 sites). Before that I used Dreamweaver (with heavy use of server side includes & sometimes custom PHP). My very first website was built in 1996, hand-coded in a plain text editor. In the last few years I've also worked with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as implemented at Stanford School of Medicine.

Sometimes the best approach for your project & circumstances will not be any of these technologies, and when this is the case I can help you figure out what would be.

How it works & hiring

Currently, all consulting & training sessions are conducted remotely (via Zoom web conferencing). I just need to see your screen or share mine and talk to you.

Consulting work & site development are also conducted remotely.

I am a part-time employee of Stanford University and regularly work with Stanford departments and groups. Stanford faculty and staff may see Hiring details (SUNet login required) for more specifics, including rates.


Contact me! (SUNet login required)

Non-Stanford projects

Need help with a non-Stanford project? I can help with that, too! See SK+.